ISKGA – Incident Management, Leadership and Sea Survival

This course is aimed towards trainee or established leaders/guides who wish to deepen their knowledge and experience of group control and incident management or anyone else who may be interested in being an asset to the group when incidents occur and things have started to go wrong.

Are you fully prepared for that first incident? Have you pressure tested your group skills and procedures in a variety of different environments or situations?

This course is designed to teach you skills and procedures that will help you to develop a practical and theoretical understanding of how to lead a group through a crisis situation at sea.

This 4 day course will cover  –

Rescue Skills / Intro to Incident Management & Rescue Skills: Getting the basics right, group control and leadership, developing a logical thought process which works under pressure.  

Practical Incident Management:  Rock Garden management and rescue, difficult landings and launching.

Surf Rescue: Surf zone management & Rescue.

Also available 1 days Sea Survival. 

(This course meets the requirements of the I.S.K.G.A incident management, surf zone safety and rescue, rock garden safety & rescue and sea survival modules).

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