British Canoeing Personal Performance Advanced Sea Kayak Award

This award is designed to develop proficient skills and appropriate decision making skills in advanced sea conditions.

Advanced Sea Kayaker, you are required to have extensive experience of paddling on the sea.

Experience required will include paddling a wide variety of sea conditions with winds over force 4 and/or tides over 2 Knots, using sea kayaks in tidal or non-tidal environments, open crossings in excess of 2 nautical miles, as well as travelling along the coastline.

Advanced Sea Kayak Syllabus

This award is available on any trip, course or expedition we offer. There is no requirement for assessment and this process is now fluid learning at your progression rate. As long as you can demonstrate to us that you meet each criteria in the syllabus during your time with us, then we can validate your achievement.

These Courses ar based on Anglesey Ynus Môn

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