ISKGA Fundamentals Level 3

Sea Kayaking Fundamentals – Level Three (SKF3): Successful completion of this course means a participant can be deemed as being a proficient member of a group on the sea. This is to say that they will be able to control their kayaks effectively in winds of up to Beaufort Force 4; a running sea of up to three feet; launching and landing effectively in dynamic surf; rolling their kayaks upright after an inadvertent capsize; or, if they have had to exit their craft, demonstrate their understanding of the steps required to re-enter as would be expected of a proficient sea kayaker. The course runs over five days and takes place in moderate sea conditions.

In addition, the participant will know how to load their sea kayak for a multi-day expedition and be supportive of the group leader in the duties of expedition leadership. This is in areas of rescue and camp craft. An accomplished SKF L3 paddler will know how to conduct repairs; how to rescue a casualty; how to assemble a variety of tows; and have a sound understanding of navigation and planning, both on land and at sea.

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