ISKGA Fundamentals Level 1

Sea Kayaking Fundamentals – Level One (SKF1): This is an entry-level course aimed at participants who might be classed as beginner sea kayakers. The course runs over four days, either in a block or over two 2-day periods, and takes place on sheltered waters. Participants will be introduced to elements of sea safety so that they develop an immediate understanding of the dangers associated with the marine environment.

Participants will then progress on to learning the skills needed to maneuver their sea kayak forwards, backwards and sideways. They will then learn how to turn their sea kayak using a variety of methods, as well how to maintain directional control using their paddle effectively to steer and track.

Once these skills have been developed, recovery strokes will be introduced along with capsize drills and effective rescue techniques. Over a period of the four days, basic expedition skills will also be presented.

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