British Canoeing Sea Kayak Personal Performance Awards

The NEW Personal Performance Awards are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development, in the craft and environment they choose.

The process of completing the awards is based on learning and, as such, the ethos of ‘supporting the paddler’ is the main focus of all the awards, encouraging individuals in their development.

Designed to develop enjoyment, safety and skills for those new to
Paddlesport. The three Paddle Awards are for those getting into a boat for the first time, enabling them to feel confident in their chosen craft in a sheltered water environment. The awards help empower the paddler, enabling them to start their lifelong journey into paddlesport. The awards are designed to encourage those who get in a boat for the first time, to take on their next step, by taking a Paddle. Discover and Paddle Explore, which providers will play a key role in shaping.

Sea Kayak Award
Coastal Sea Kayak Award
Advanced Sea Kayak Award

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