Norway – Lofoten Islands




The main aim of the week is to paddle into the fjords spending six days exploring and wild camping along the way. We aim to paddle from the camp site and do a return journey back to the site. It is possible to do this without retracing our route. However this as with all paddling is very weather and group dependent. We will be paddling between 20 – 30 Kilometres per day.

We recommend arrival 2 days before the start of the expedition so there is time to sort out equipment, shopping for food and provisions.  We will also fit out kayaks and deal with any last minute problems.

We will pack our boats on the first morning of the expedition and then set off for 6 day / 5 night expedition. The route will depend on weather etc which we will discuss with you when you arrive.

We will arrive back at the camp site on the 6th day around lunchtime to sort out cleaning down boats and kit etc and enjoy a well-earned shower!  


The weather can be wet and windy in the Lofoten at any time of the year. The Norwegians have a saying “There is no such thing as bad weather. Just the wrong clothing”.  For the past couple of years we had everything from 8 degrees to 25 degrees with heavy rain to very sunny and warm. Sometime on the same day. The water temperature was around the 8 degrees (so not very warm).


Depending on how confident your roll is may determine your clothing choice. No one last year capsized and there is no intention of anyone capsizing however nothing is guaranteed.

Last year Lisa and I paddled in our two piece so dry bottoms and semi day top. Most of our clients paddled in dry suits. On very warm calm days (which was most of the time) most people pulled their tops down. We would recommend if you cannot self-rescue (Roll your kayak) then a drysuit would be advised.

We had a set of paddling clothing which was base layer with additional fleece if it was cool. And a set of dry beach / sleeping kit. 

If you want your own maps they can be bought from the following link;

 What’s included

  • 6 day boat hire including paddle PFD and spray deck.
  • Instruction and guiding and our local knowledge for 6 days paddling.
  • Fishing lines

What’s not included

  • Travel to and from Svolvaer
  • Food and beverage. Beer in the supermarkets is not to expensive but wine is very expensive. 
  • Campsite fees before or after the expedition. This is the link to the campsite we are using

Sandvika Camping.

  • Any camping equipment, stoves etc so you will need to bring all of this with you. (Please remember that gas cannot be taken on aircraft but there shops near the campsite at Sandvika to purchase canisters).
  • Baggage is normally limited to 25kg on flights to and from Svolvaer. So planning and communication between participants is important.

This trip is for our intermediate paddlers (who paddle at a BC 2 to 3 star sea level). It’s not a particularly technical trip but a bit more committing. Paddlers must also be comfortable and confident in packing kayaks and living out of them for 5 nights.


Travel to Lofotens is easy with flights from Manchester to Oslo then on to Svolvaer. via Bodo.

We can arrange for you to be picked up from the airport and transported to the campsite at Sanvika Campsite where the boats will be waiting for us but this will incur an extra charge.

Cost: £750

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