Winter Mountaineering, Glenmore Scotland and Lake District

Winter Mountaineering in Glenmore, Cairngorms in Scotland and the Lake District

2 day Winter Skills Course

The 2 day Winter skills course is an enjoyable way to learn how to use crampons and ice axes in a supervised group.

The winter skills course is over 2 days and is based in either  Glenmore, Cairngorms in Scotland, or  weather permitting in the Lake District.

Our aim for the winter skills course is to give you the Information, instruction and training you need for winter walking days.

We will also provide you advice and training of techniques for walking on steeper slopes, step cutting, avalanche awareness and route choice skills.

No previous winter experience necessary.

Introduction to Winter mountaineering

Glenmore, Cairngorm

Introduction to winter mountaineering is a 5 day course which includes all the elements of the winter skills course. This course is based in Glenmore, Cairngorm in Scotland.

The winter mountaineering course also focuses in more depth on the challenges of winter navigation and route choice in extreme conditions ie -a white out or a high avalanche risk.

We also cover safe ascent of steeper snow slopes, snow belay techniques and when to use them together with an introduction to winter scrambling.

There is opportunity in the week for clients to choose, plan and lead routes of their choice, making decisions about avalanche risk or route direction.

So if you are a keen hill walker with a small experience of winter or a “Munro bagger” and want to safely enjoy the Scottish mountains in winter, then this winter mountaineering course will give you all the skills you need.

No previous winter experience is needed for our winter mountaineering course however a degree of hill fitness is ideal to get the most out of the course.

This course can be in either an overnight stay in a snow hole dug by you or a mountain bothy.

An emergency snow hole and one cosy occupant.

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