Introduction to canoeing and kayaking

This course is designed as an introductory ‘Come and Try It’ day for people interested in having a go at these exciting adventure activities.

It will be a highly active and fun day run by Duncan Greene. It is our intention to give the group the chance to try canoes, river kayaks and sea kayaks, to challenge you to explore the craft, develop your confidence and understand how the boat and water interact.
We fully understand that people may feel nervous at the thought of canoeing and kayaking and therefore focus most of our attention on helping you to remain relaxed and calm whilst encouraging you to challenge yourself.
You will not be asked to deliberately capsize or go in the water at any time though you are welcome to do so if you wish.
This course is not a British Canoe Union qualification course and Duncan has no intention of turning it into a training course for their awards. He will be happy to give you an indication of where you are in relation to their tests if you wish and explain how you can pursue them. By the end of the day we hope you will have improved your skills and awareness of the sport and environment as well as having had a highly practical and enjoyable time doing so.
Ratio: 1:6 maximum
For more info on cost, equipment etc. see below

BCU 3 star Open Boat Training and Assessment

BCU 3 Star Awards
Successful performance at this level indicates that a candidate can consider themselves an intermediate paddler rather than a beginner.
Unlike the existing award this will be discipline specific with awards in Sea, Surf, Canoe, WW Kayak, FW Kayak and some of the competitive disciplines. The three star paddler will be a competent performer in sheltered to moderate water environments and have the ability to paddle unsupervised, with similar standard paddlers on sheltered water. The new award will look similar in structure to the existing 4 star, but with the skills applicable in an easier environment.


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