Summer Mountaineering

Summer Mountaineering

Basic Navigation

For the absolute beginner this one day course will teach the theory on navigation and then putting those skills to use on the hills. So the first part of the day will be spent learning the theory and the rest of the day will be spent putting those skills into practice.Cost – see pricing policy

Beginners Map Reading and Mountain Navigation

GreeneAdventures offer a 2 day course for complete beginners.

This course is also suitable for those with some experience, who recognise their limitations and wish to improve their performance.

Spend some time learning the basics, and you will improve your confidence in your own abilities and get more out of your precious leisure time.

In just 2 days you will learn many simple skills and have plenty of opportunity to put these into practice.

The course will provide a firm foundation for you to develop and consolidate your experience, and enable you to navigate your own walks into the hills safely.

Includes full training and practice of the following important aspects:

Types of maps and scales
Map symbols
Grid system & Grid References
North – True, Grid and Magnetic
Map orientation
Feature identification
Using a compass
Estimating distance – Estimating time required
Understanding contours · What to do when lost
Planning a safe walk/route
·Safety in the mountain environment

Cost – see pricing policy

Night Navigation

A one day introduction to night navigation starting in the later afternoon and walking into the dark covering both Macro and Micro Navigation

Cost – – see pricing policy

Advanced Map Reading and Mountain Navigation

GreeneAdventures offer a 2 day course for those who have either attended the beginners course or who are thoroughly confident and experienced in the basics, and who wish to develop their understanding and performance of navigational techniques to a higher level.

This course will introduce you to the skills and techniques necessary to operate in challenging conditions and help you to develop the confidence necessary to navigate safely and successfully in any mountain environment.

Includes full training and practice of the following important aspects.

Honing of compass skills
Use of contours as a primary method of navigation
Micro-navigation using contours
Devising strategies for a navigational stage
“Coarse’ and ‘fine’ navigation
‘Aiming off’ – ‘attack points’ – ‘collecting features’
Continuous contact in complicated areas
Accurate distance measurement
What to do when lost? Re-location strategies
Aspect of slope
Map to ground and ground to map techniques
Planning a route within set criteria of duration, difficulty and objectives
Effect of weather and terrain on discomfort, fatigue and decision making
Cost – see pricing policy

Over 50′s Mountain Navigation

GreeneAdventures mountain navigation courses for the over-fifties take place in Cumbria UK and last for two days.

These mountaineering courses are designed for anyone over fifty years old with a good level of fitness and a love of the outdoors.

I aim to teach you the basics and finer points of navigation so that you feel confident to go out in any weather condition and navigate yourself safely home.

This is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the Lake District.

Over the course of the two days we expect to climb some of the classic mountain peaks like Scafell, the Langdale Pikes and Helvellyn whilst also visiting some less well trodden paths and peaks.

Cost – – see pricing policy

5 day Navigation and Mountain Skills Course

GreeneAdventures 5 day course will take you from a position of little or no experience to having a firm understanding of mountain navigation techniques.

The first 2 days are spent covering the same syllabus as the 2 day beginners course, and this is then followed up with 3 days of hands-on experience in real situations, putting your new found skills into practice in the mountain environment.

This course provides a wonderful opportunity to develop a really sound knowledge of mountain navigation, and to ensure that you have clear confidence in your own abilities.

There will be plenty of walking in the testing Lakeland terrain and lots of scope to tick off some Wainwrights if you wish.

The course will also cover those other essential skills which complete the mountaineer’s toolkit, and by the end of the 5 days you will have developed a well founded basis for a lifetime of mountain activity including :

  • Navigation
  • Mountain Skills
  • Types of maps and scales
  • Proficient walking style
  • Map symbols
  • Pace
  • Grid system & Grid References
  • Foot placement according to conditions
  • North – True, Grid and Magnetic
  • Descent technique
  • Map orientation
  • Use of Poles
  • Feature identification
  • Nutrition and Hydration
  • Using a compass
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Estimating distance & time
  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Understanding contours
  • Mountain Safety,
  • Planning a safe walk/route
  • Emergency Situations
  • What to do when lost
  • Group Needs

Cost – see pricing policy

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