Alaska Sea Kayak Touring

12 days paddling with a day each side for sorting out.

What’s included:
  • 14-day trip of which 12 day will be on expedition
  • Transport to and from Anchorage
  • Accommodation on the first and last night
  • Hire of composite boats, and equipment. (all good stuff not like Norway)
  • Charter boat to the start of the expedition
  • Lisa and I as trip leaders
  • Ryan Collins as our local guide

What’s NOT included:

  • Transport to and from Anchorage
  • Food for the trip
  • Camping kit (it is possible to hire it from Ryan)
  • Cooking equipment (can be hired from Ryan)

Cost: The total cost is going to be £2500 (2018) Per Person. As the season is very short in Alaska and in order to get the best boats we need to put a deposit down as soon as we can. We need a non-refundable deposit of £500 per person.. The main point about committing to this early is the flights. I am reliably informed that the best time to get flights is a year before the day your due to fly.

There is also a bunch of pictures on Ryan’s website: Article 1):

Current Dates: 2nd – 15th July 2018

Meet in Anchorage on the 2nd of July, shuttle to Whittier that afternoon, spend the night of the Whittier, then depart the next morning. We plan to be back in Whittier on the 14th of July with a celebratory meal and spend the night in Whittier and again a morning shuttle to Anchorage on the 15th.

So below is the proposed route for our trip this has been provided by Ryan Collins who is going to be our local guide. We know Ryan and have paddled with him in Cornwall he is a sound guy and all round good egg.

The overall touring plan is to work our way from the Southwestern corner of Prince William Sound, starting in the South then paddle back to the Passage Canal and Whittier. Our goal will be to average 15 miles/day, with some shorter and some longer days depending on weather, availability of camps and group strength.

I’m not going to get into the details of what we will see each day because everywhere you look in Prince William Sound is beautiful, unique and the wildlife is just that, wild. As you will see below, there are a variety of routes we can take which we won’t know until our adventure is underway. Of course, we hope to see bears, whales, porpoise, sea lions and deer. Seals and Otter are pretty much guaranteed near the glaciers. For the birders out there, you won’t be disappointed as the Sound is abundant with sea and shore birds!

The Touring Plan:

Day 1: The 2-hour (65-mile) charter boat journey South, is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Sound, and get a lay of the land for our adventure. The water taxi drops us off at a beautiful beach where we will set up a basecamp for the next 3 days. Once basecamp is set, we will go for a paddle to see a Kittiwake Rookery and search for wildlife.

Days 2 and 3: We will head to the tidewater glaciers. There are 2 arms which lead to, 2 different tidewater glaciers.

Day 4: We will set off for a new camp as we begin to work our way North. At this point, there are many different routes to go. We have several routes to choose from which are all weather dependent. All of the routes over the next couple of days will ultimately intersect at our camp at Point Nowel, or Crafton Island.

Some examples of the options are:

1) go on the inside of Changan Island and work our way up Dangerous Passage,

2) go on the outside of Chanega Island and work our way up Knight Island Passage,

3) cross over to Knight Island for a couple of days and the cross Knight Island Passage to one of the aforementioned camps.

By day 6 or 7: we should be at either Crafton Island or Point Nowel. From there we will cross Port Nellie Juan and camp at the south end of Culross Passage. The next day we will travel up Culross Passage to a camp at either the North end of the passage or ideally, to a camp across Cochrane Bay. At this point we will be set to either make our way into Passage Canal, where Whittier is located and complete our adventure, or dip into Blackstone Bay for a day tour, in which case we will head into Whittier the following day.

Because we are traversing so much of Prince William Sound on this great trip, flexibility in response to the weather and group dynamics is essential. There is a basic route from South to North. The art and beauty is taking the route that is open to us based on these variables. 

Sea Kayak

The boats Ryan has for us are a mixture of SKUK Explorer and HV Explorer, Pilgrim Expedition and P&H Cetus both MV & HV. 

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