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Duncan Greene, Lisa Greene & associate instructor Gordon Wishart.

Duncan Greene

I have been mountaineering for longer than I can remember. I class myself as a Mountaineer rather than a climber, as I enjoy journeying in the hills and using rock skills to enhance that enjoyment rather than pure rock climbing on a crag.

I now live just outside Kirkoswald in Cumbria which gives me easy access to all parts of the country with some of the best places to teach navigation on my door step.

I have climbed and walked extensively in all of our mountain areas & have also spent quite some time in the French Dauphin Alps; but if pushed I would prefer the Lakes in summer and Scotland in winter.

Between 1990 and 2003 I was involved in training and assessing the MLTA summer award through Cleveland Youth Service. I also held a Scout leader Warrant from 1984 until 2005 initially running a Scout troop. then the Venture Scout Unit. I completed my Scouting service serving for 4 years as the Assistant Commissioner for Activities.

Along with loving being in the mountains I also enjoy paddle sports. Whether it be lake paddling in open boats(Canadian Canoes) River paddling or Sea Kayaking.

I have been kayaking for over 30 years.  I have paddled extensively in Great Britain,  enjoying all aspects of the sport from Surfing the North East Coast, through river paddling throughout England and Wales. Living in the North East prior to moving to Cumbria gave me great access to some of the best rivers in England.  I have always Sea kayaked however, over that last 3 years this has been my passion and I have enjoyed becoming a level 4 sea leader. I have Sea paddled throughout Great Britain from the Outer Hebrides to Cornwall and most bits in between. I love leading groups watching them develop as individuals and as a group during multi day trips to unreachable places.

However it wasn’t until I became a Scout leader in 1984 that I formalized my experience by first qualifying as a Summer Mountain Leader, then later as a Winter Mountain Leader. I also hold, the Single pitch rock climbing award, BCU level 3 inland kayak and BCU 4* Sea leader award & Moderate Water Endorsement.  Having recently completed my 5 star Sea training, I am a aspirant 5 Star Leader. I am an ISKGA Coastal Guide and Trainer providing ISKGA courses.


ISKGA Advanced Guide

MLTB Summer Award

SMLTB Winter Award

MLTB Single Pitch Supervisor Award

BCU Level 3 Coach (Inland)

BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader

BCU Moderate Water Sea Endorsement

BCU (aspirant) 5 star Advanced Sea Leader

Mountain First Aid

Lisa Greene

Along with being Duncan’s Wife and the Administrator for Greene Adventures, I also like to come out and play. I have been Kayaking for over 5 years and have enjoyed every minute.

As well as kayaking I have been converted to walking the hills, climbing and ghyll scrambling. I am working towards my summer mountain leader training and my SPA rock climbing award.


BCU 4 Star Sea Kayak Leader

BCU Level 1 Coach

ISKGA Registered Guide

Mountain First Aid


Gordon Wishart

Gordon is a BCU 4 star sea kayak leader who provides excellent customer care.  He makes sure every member of the group reaches their full potential. Gordon has been paddling for 6 years predominantly sea kayaking. Gordon lives on the East Coast of Scotland and paddles regularly with  a number of local Sea kayak clubs. Gordon is a valued member of our team.

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